Who We Are?


The International Institute of Independent Thinkers and Artists (New Horizon) is a Tehran-based NGO which organized several International Conferences in Iran including Hollywoodism (3 editions), New Horizon (5 editions) and International conference on “Prophet, Cinema & World Literature”. Many great western personalities came to Iran in the frame of these conferences or lecture tours in Iranian universities across the country.

The conferences host American and European high-ranking anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist academics, political & military figures, media analysts, writers, activists, singers, actors, movie critics & filmmakers to discuss different aspects of the world as they relate to human ideals on one hand and the untold realities of the globe on the other. The conferences’ topics are as following: World and regional matters, Geopolitics (In both Middle East and Eurasia) , Muslims in Europe, Islamophobia, Iranophobia, Discriminations, US State hostility towards Afro-Americans, Zionist Lobby, 911, Israeli-Western decision makers centers (political, military, economic & cultural ones), US domestic & Foreign Policy, South-South cooperation etc.


Mainstream Media Reflection

Many articles and reports from mentioned conferences have been published on world’s most visited or controversial news agencies, TV channels, and newspapers including:
CNN, Foxnews, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Foreign Policy, GlobalResaerch, InfoWars, The Guardian, RT, IMDb, CNSnews, Yahoo, The Huffigton Post, SKYnews, the Jewish Voice, ADL, Haaretz, CBC, Daily Telegraph, Daily Liberal, msn, Google, Le Figaro, The Hollywood Reporter, The Independent, Jerusalem Online, France24, The Times of Israel, CBCnews, CBSnews, FoxNation, YnetNews, NextMovie, Daily News, AhramOnline, The Washington Free Beacon, I24 news, European Jewish Congress, IsraelNationalNews, IsraelHayom, Middle East Monitor, Radio Free Europe.


  • Chairman: Nader Talebzadeh; Iranian Iconic Cultural Figure / documentary filmmaker and director of controversial movie The Messiah (2007) / Prestigious TV host whose shows’ viewers are mostly the students, elites, politicians, academics & military personalities (particularly Iran’s worldwide known Major General Soleimani), the people in the office of Supreme Leader and very probably Leader himself


  • Founder and Executive Director: Reza Montazami; Former adviser of vice-minister of culture in international relations / Secretary of multiple conferences / Founder of both New Horizon & Hollywoodism International Conferences and Iranian diplomat with more than 3 decades of diplomatic experiences in International eras


  • Secretary for International Affairs: Hamed Ghashghavi; Quadrilingual Researcher on North American and Western European Studies, Conference Organizer, Columnist, Biographer, Interpreter, Documentary Filmmaker & Editor, Teacher and Tour Guide of special delegates.


  • Chairman’s Special Assistant: Zeina Mehanna; academic, researcher & human rights activist / affiliate of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation / chairperson of the board of trustees for the Arab Monitor for Human Rights and Citizenship (AMHRC) / member of the board of trustees for the Human Development Centre (Palestinian NGO) who  has chaired 6 regional and local conferences / Author of more than 15 published articles at referenced journals who published and won the 1st prize for her book “Pasquinading  and Ridiculing the Holy : the case of Prophet Muhammad’s caricature” at the International conference on the Prophet Muhammad 2014.


  • Head of technical committee: Dr. Foad Izadi: Professor of American studies at faculty of world studies / Tehran university/expert of Iran-US relations and international media commentator


  • Content Policy advisor: Blake Archer Williams is a Shi’a scholar, writer, and translator whose work focuses on the nexus of the two domains of religion and state and their innate integrality. Williams studied Islamic history with Professor Hāmid Algar at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author and translator of over 50 books on Islam generally, and on Shi’a Islam in particular, 32 of which are available on Amazon.com. Williams’ works are centered around the dogmatics and apologetics of the Shi’a creed, with a focus on how the creed acts as a basis for and gives rise to Walīyic Islam or that particular interpretation of Shi’a Islam which was championed by Imam Khomeini and which is the basis of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Williams is a Senior Research Fellow affiliated with the University of Tehran, as well as with the Seminary at Qom and the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution.